At Firepunk Diesel, our Service Department is not just a place for routine maintenance; it’s where diesel dreams come to life. Our 5-bay service center is the beating heart of our operation, where we diagnose, repair, and install a wide array of services for the Dodge Ram platform.

Our skilled team of technicians are die-hard diesel motorsports enthusiasts, and their dedication and attention to detail stem from a shared love for all things motorsports. Whether it’s a routine oil change, a performance transmission install, or tracking down a meticulous electrical gremlin, we approach each task with unwavering confidence.

What sets us apart? It’s the years of hands-on experience and our singular focus on the Dodge Ram platform. We don’t dabble in various brands; we specialize. Our team’s commitment to mastering this platform means you’re entrusting your truck to the best in the business. So, when you roll into Firepunk Diesel’s Service Department, expect nothing less than an elevated level of expertise and a crew that’s as passionate about your truck as you are.




Welcome to Firepunk Diesel’s Fabrication and Race Shop, where dreams turn into reality and horsepower knows no bounds. Our newly renovated facility, upgraded in 2021, is the epitome of eye candy, where creativity thrives, and extreme displays of power come to life.

With a team of four dedicated technicians, this department is a hub of innovation. We specialize in a wide range of services, from crafting exquisite turbo kits in stainless, aluminum, or titanium to custom frame fabrication, 4-link kits, bespoke suspension setups, roll bars, and more. If it’s related to show cars, drag racing, sled pulling, or any competitive arena, we’ve got you covered.

Your project is our canvas, and we’re delighted to play a part in your success. Our mission is simple: to deliver the highest level of craftsmanship, propelling each project to the forefront of the motorsports industry. Whether you’re chasing records on the drag strip or aiming for show-stopping aesthetics, Firepunk Diesel’s Fabrication and Race Shop is your partner in achieving greatness. It’s where power meets precision, and dreams become a reality.

Unleash the Power: Firepunk Diesel’s Transmission Department

At Firepunk Diesel, our journey began in 2009, and our Transmission Remanufacturing Department was one of our earliest claims to fame. We’ve honed our expertise over the years, specializing in the remanufacture of 47RH, 47RE, 48RE, and 68RFE transmissions. With a dedicated team and cutting-edge equipment, we possess the knowledge and tools to meticulously rebuild transmissions, addressing common weak points to ensure they can handle the rigorous demands of our customers.

While Mopar ceased production of the 4-speed 47 and 48RE transmissions in 2007, the aftermarket industry has taken up the mantle with unwavering determination. Countless upgrades are at our disposal, which we expertly integrate into the remanufacturing process. The outcome is nothing short of spectacular – a Golden Nugget, bearing our signature gold hue. These transmissions are brimming with billet components and custom enhancements, precisely tailored to cope with the extreme horsepower outputs that today’s Dodge Ram trucks unleash.

We take pride in our extensive inventory, boasting over 30 transmissions ready to ship or install the very next day. We understand the value of keeping your truck in action, doing the work it was designed for. At Firepunk Diesel’s Transmission Department, we don’t just rebuild transmissions; we elevate them to a new level of strength and performance, ensuring your truck is always ready for the challenges ahead.

Color Your World: Firepunk Diesel’s Powder Coating Department

Prepare to dive into a world of vibrant hues and immaculate finishes at Firepunk Diesel’s Powder Coating Department. Our new, state-of-the-art equipment, introduced in 2021, has revolutionized our capabilities. Not only can we tackle larger projects, but we can also deliver even better, higher-quality results!

The secret sauce to exceptional powder coating? It all begins with meticulous preparation. We believe in starting with a clean canvas, which means stripping away all previous coatings, oils, and surface imperfections. How do we achieve this? By dipping the product into our specially designed tank and then subjecting it to a precise sandblasting process. The result? A flawlessly smooth and uncoated surface, ready to embrace a fresh, like-new powder coat finish that will stand the test of time, lasting for years to come.

Our Powder Coating Department is where we infuse life and color into every project. It’s not just about coating; it’s about transforming your products into works of art. When our customers install our powder-coated creations, they do so with joy and take pride in showing them off to friends and fellow enthusiasts. So, whether you’re aiming for bold and bright or subtle and sophisticated, Firepunk Diesel’s Powder Coating Department is your gateway to a world of endless color possibilities.